Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey This Is The Most Important Thing To Remember When Choosing A Job

Does a fat paycheck help ease the pain of a boring job?

Most of us kind of believe the answer is yes.Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey Indeed, it’s the thinking behind many a young corporate lawyer or investment banker’s failed career.

But the reality is: People underestimate just how important it is to enjoy the
Men’s Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey experience of work, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

In fact, the researchers found that enjoying your work is a critical part of actually getting your work done — and doing it well. This may seem obvious: You’re more likely to do a thing if you genuinely like doing that thing. Yet apparently, humans are terrible at understanding why they do things. This will play out in real time quite soon as so many of us fail to follow through on our New Year’s resolutions.

“People don’t realize how important the experience is after or before they are doing it,” Ayelet Fishbach,Custom NFL Jersey a professor at Booth and the study’s co-author, told The Huffington Post. “We found that those doing something fun persist longer than those doing something for money. People worked harder when we made the task more interesting.”

The results have implications not just for work, but also for exercise and eating. You’re more likely to work out if you enjoy doing the activity you picked.Men’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt. You’re more likely to stick to a diet if you actually want to eat the healthy food you’ve committed yourself to.

Printer rage: What happens when your work is too dull….

Personally speaking, the research goes a long way in explaining why I have no problem writing three stories in a day, but struggle to file a simple expense report or schedule a dentist appointment.

For their paper, published in the December issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,Custom Bengals Jersey Fishbach and coauthor Kaitlin Woolley conducted six experiments on university students, faculty and Chicago residents. The study participants exercised, visited a museum or were asked to do various tasks. The aim was to learn whether people were motivated by “extrinsic” rewards like money or “intrinsic” rewards like having fun.

In one experiment, test subjects were asked to read either a computer manual or a joke book and do some evaluations. Most said they’d do more of either task if they were paid more,Women’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey, but those who chose to read the dull manual for more money had a hard time following through.

In another study, subjects were asked to choose between listening to The Beatles song “Hey, Jude” or an alarm clock. If they picked the clock, they would receive more money. Most chose the clock — and after going through with the exercise, most of them regretted their choice.

The researchers found that when a task is boring or unpleasant, people have a hard time completing it, no matter the compensation. Yet in considering a task, people tend to devalue what the actual experience will be like — the “intrinsic” rewards — and focus more on the money they’ll get for doing it.

So, you (well, this reporter anyway) wind up committing to, say, a five-day green juice fast because it will be “healthy” without considering how truly unpleasant it will be to drink only slightly acidic, gritty beverages for nearly a week.Youth Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey. Or you think you can spend a few years researching legal documents because of a six-figure salary, even though you hate researching legal documents.

Enjoying your work, by the way, isn’t simply about the task at hand.Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey The experience includes the social environment, too. Do you like bantering with your colleagues over at the coffee machines? That really matters.

“It’s not just doing something you love. It’s doing it with people that you like. Having a nice office environment. Having a nice experience,” Fisbach said.

To be sure, choosing work that you enjoy is a luxury only for some (typically well-off, better educated people). Many people have not-so-great options when it comes to work or pay. But if you do have the privilege of getting to choose around both those incentives, choose wisely.

Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey Kelly wants Bradford back in Philly as his QB

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Less than 48 hours after quarterback Sam Bradford said he wanted to be back with the Philadelphia Eagles, coach Chip Kelly said he wanted his quarterback to return.

Speaking Monday after the Eagles were eliminated from playoff contention with Saturday night’s 38-24 loss to the Washington Redskins,Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey Kelly said he wants and expects Bradford to be his quarterback in 2016.

Bradford’s original six-year rookie contract expires at the end of the season and unless he re-signs with the Eagles, he will become an unrestricted free agent in March.Men’s Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey.

”I know where Sam stood the whole season,Custom Bengals Jersey and I know we are on the same page in terms of where we are,” Kelly said. ”It’s just we don’t negotiate during the season with anybody. So that wasn’t a ‘Hey, we don’t want Sam back.’ That’s just the way it is. A player shouldn’t be worried about his contract while the season is going on, and that will be something we will address after the season.”

The season will officially end for the Eagles on Sunday when they play at the Men’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt Giants. Bradford is expected to start; Kelly says he will play to win and not get a look at his younger players.

In his first season with the Eagles after being acquired from St. Louis in a trade for quarterback Nick Foles and a 2016 second-round pick, Bradford got better as the season progressed. In 13 starts,Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey he completed 64 percent of his passes for 3,405 yards with 17 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. That’s a quarterback rating of 84.6.

The Eagles (6-9) were 6-7 in Bradford’s starts.

”You know, I want to be back here,” Bradford said Saturday night after the loss to the Redskins.Women’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey. ”Obviously, we are not at the stage where we have been talking about that, but if it does present itself and I do have the opportunity, then this is where I want to be.

”I’ve enjoyed my time here. I’ve enjoyed being in Philadelphia. I think throughout my career, I’ve learned that learning new offenses every year, it’s just hard to continue to improve. You are always learning. You are learning new verbiage,
Custom NFL Jersey learning new plays, learning new systems. And I would really like to stay in the same one and have the opportunity to play a second year.”

His head coach seems to share those sentiments.

”We didn’t trade for him to say, ‘Hey,Youth Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey, we want to get one season out of him and then we are going to go in a different direction,’ ” Kelly said That’s certainly not the case.”

Custom Bengals Jersey Panthers happy to take good with bad when it comes to Ginn

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Panthers wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. originally enrolled at Ohio State on scholarship as a defensive back.

The Buckeyes quickly made him a wideout, but Ginn said he has never lost that
Custom Bengals Jersey ”defensive back mentality” of quickly forgetting a mistake and moving on to the next play.

That has served the 30-year-old well this season with Carolina.Women’s Nike Custom Carolina Panthers Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.

Ginn is enjoying the best season of his nine-year NFL career, averaging 17 yards per reception along with a career-best 10 touchdowns for the unbeaten Panthers (14-0). He has six TDs in his last three games, the type of production that allows the Panthers overlook his nine drops this season – which are tied for fourth-most in the league, according to STATS.

”We take the good with the bad,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said of Ginn.

But Rivera quickly points out,Personalized NFL Football Jersey there has been more good than bad with 5-foot-11, 189-pound speedster.

Although he’s dropped three would-be touchdowns, the Panthers are willing to live with his mistakes because of the high-end speed that Ginn brings to the offense.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn can attest to that explosiveness.

Two weeks ago Ginn torched the Falcons for TD catches of 74 and 46 yards in the first quarter, helping Carolina cruise to a 38-0 victory. The Panthers can wrap up the No. 1 seed in NFC and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win Sunday at Atlanta.Men’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale.

”He’s just blowing the top off coverages,” Quinn said.

Ginn’s resiliency has been a big reason for his success.

On four different occasions this season Custom Panthers Jersey he’s dropped a pass only to have Cam Newton go right back to him on the next play for an important completion to move the chains.

Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula said it is part of a trust and confidence that Newton has developed in Ginn.

”With the confidence that Cam has in me and Shula has in me, they’re able to dial that play up and get me the ball again,” after a drop, Ginn said. ”It seems like I do something better the second time around.”

Panthers wide receiver Philly Brown described Ginn as mentality tough.

He said he doesn’t allow things to get to him as some other players do.

”He’s the type that can shake that off quick because he knows Cam is going to come right back to him,” Brown said.

”He goes to the next play,” Rivera said. ”He slams his first into the grass, hops up and jogs back into the huddle and catches a slant” on the next play.Women’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

Ginn had one of his best seasons with Carolina in 2013, catching 36 passes for 556 yards and a career-high five touchdowns. He was solid in the return game too, averaging 23.8 yards per kickoff return and 12.2 yards per punt return for the Panthers, giving them an explosive weapon they sorely lacked.

But Ginn acknowledged he ”chased a check” in 2014 and signed a three-year deal with Arizona.Custom Patriots Jersey It didn’t take long to realize things weren’t going to work out there and the Cardinals released him after one unproductive season.

Following the release he asked his agent about re-signing with Carolina, a place he said he felt ”loved and appreciated.”

Ginn seems to fit in Carolina.

He has 15 touchdown receptions in 30 career games with the Panthers, compared to just six TD catches in 104 games with Miami, San Francisco and Arizona combined.

He attributes that to the confidence the Panthers have shown in him – ”they understand me as a man, and as a football player,” he said.

”He is playing with a purpose,” Shula said. ”He has an edge to him and he wants to prove it to himself and everybody else.”

Custom Bengals Jersey Swimming legends Hackett and Phelps train together ahead of Olympics

Sydney (AFP) – Swimming legends Michael Phelps and Grant Hackett have been training together and swapping tips about their “ups and downs” as they target next year’s Rio Olympics.

Dual Olympic champion Hackett, 35, has come out of six years of troubled retirement to try to make Australia’s team for Rio next year,Custom Bengals Jersey and has just spent three weeks training with Phelps under coach Bob Bowman in Arizona.

He also trained with American stars Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin, who gave him a crash course in cutting-edge techniques in the sport, The Australian Women’s Nike Custom Carolina Panthers Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey newspaper reported.

Hackett, who retired in 2008 after winning the 1500m freestyle at both the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Olympics, and claiming four world titles in the event, Personalized NFL Football Jersey said he found his time with Phelps particularly beneficial.

“I really, really enjoyed that. It was nice to go somewhere and have a single focus and sit in there and see how they approach training,” he told the broadsheet.

“I stayed with Michael for some time. He’s been through his ups and downs as I have and we talked very candidly about those things. He’s a very insightful Youth Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale character.”

The toned and fit-looking Hackett said his level of focus felt like he was Custom Panthers Jersey approaching his first Olympics again.

“When I look at my birth certificate I know it’s not my first Olympics but this campaign is also like a rebirth for me. I have come back to it with a totally different perspective,” he said.

“The last three times I went to the Olympic trials I was already thinking about winning the Olympics, not about making the team.”

He added that spending time with America’s Phelps, the most decorated athlete
Men’s Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey in Olympic history, had left him “confident that I can get back to where I want to be”.

Hackett will now return to his regular training group on Australia’s Gold Coast under coach Denis Cotterell, determined to be at the top of his game for the Olympic trials in April.

“When you see the intensity that Michael Phelps approaches his training with, Custom Patriots Jersey the expectation he places on himself, you want to make sure you go back and do everything right,” he said.

“That’s given me more clarity about what I need to do to be competitive.”

Both Hackett and Phelps, widely seen as two of the greatest swimmers ever, have endured troubled times in recent years.

Hackett’s life after swimming quickly ran into problems with a messy divorce and allegations he smashed up his Melbourne apartment,Men’s Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey, while 18-time Olympic gold medallist Phelps has battled alcohol issues.

Personalized Redskins Jersey Congress Spikes Handout For Private Equity

WASHINGTON — A major gift for big private equity firms has been removed from a must-pass bill to avert a government shutdown, according to sources familiar with the negotiations.

The rider would have strengthened the hands of private equity owners to extract concessions from bondholders in troubled companies.Personalized Redskins Jersey The provision carried broad implications for securities markets, but was drafted to aid Apollo Capital Management and TPG Capital, the private equity owners of Caesar’s Palace casino empire.

Apollo and TPG took over Caesar’s in 2006, in a $30.7 billion leveraged buyout that required Caesar’s to take on loads of debt. The deal proved to be a total bust, and Apollo and TPG are now trying to rewrite the terms of that debt in order to keep part of the Caesar’s empire out of bankruptcy.Personalized Washington Redskins Jersey A bankruptcy filing would force Apollo and TPG to take heavy losses, and give creditors access to the company’s stock or assets in exchange for trading in their debt. It would also significantly increase the market power of private equity firms.

Bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily involve layoffs or liquidation. A federal judge is charged with ensuring that all parties involved in a bankruptcy proceeding are treated fairly. If creditors were forced to take concessions out of bankruptcy, Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale,private equity firms would effectively be able to salvage their own risky investments at the expense of other parties, including pension funds.

But a court recently ruled that changing the terms of such debt without investor permission is a violation of the 1939 Trust Indenture Act. Apollo and TPG began seeking a legislative solution. In November, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) attempted to attach a bill essentially reversing the court decision to a federal Women’s Nike Custom Made Washiongton Redskins Elite Alternate Burgundy Red Jersey highway funding bill. The legislation also would have benefitted Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., the private equity owners of Education Management Corp., a for-profit college chain that recently paid $95.5 million to settle a federal fraud case.

Liberal Democrats, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), cried foul on the move, and succeeded in stripping the measure from the final highway bill. But the provision re-emerged in talks over year-end legislation to fund the federal government. This time, however, its champion was Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). Custom Redskins Jersey Casino workers union Unite Here supports the measure, arguing it will save jobs by keeping the company out of bankruptcy. While the prospects of mass layoffs are remote — and Apollo and TPG have already been laying off casino workers — collective bargaining contracts can be renegotiated in bankruptcy.

But with Reid backing the private equity sweetener, Warren and Brown held their fire. Reid is a consistent ally of financial reform advocates, and the liberal senators saw more risk than reward in challenging the powerful Democratic leader.

Investors and academics chimed in, however. Last week, 18 law professors wrote a letter urging congressional leaders to ditch the rider. On Monday,Youth Nike Custom Made Washiongton Redskins Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Cheap, major investment firms joined them, including BlackRock, Oaktree Capital Management, Pacific Investment Management Co., T. Rowe Price and others.

“We are writing to express our strongest possible opposition to the proposed amendment to the omnibus appropriations bill that would retroactively amend the Trust Indenture Act of 1939 to remove critical investor protections,” the letter reads. “While we are not aware of any substantive need to amend the Trust Indenture Act,Custom Broncos Jersey if there is such a need, such a change should be fully vetted through a transparent legislative process.”

By late Tuesday, the rider had been abandoned.Men’s Nike Washington Redskins Customized Elite Team Road Red White Two Tone Jersey. The New York Times first reported on the provision being spiked. HuffPost was the first outlet to report on the rider being under consideration in the omnibus spending bill last Friday.

Customized Ravens Jersey Soccer-Giroud goals steering Arsenal to the top

LONDON, Dec 14 (Reuters) – Olivier Giroud is proving the sceptics wrong and steering Arsenal, who face holders Barcelona in the last 16 of the Champions Customized Ravens Jersey League, towards what may be their best season of modern times, according to club manager Arsene Wenger.

The French international joined a magnificent seven of Gunners’ strikers by scoring his 50th Premier League goal in their 2-0 win at Aston Villa on Sunday.

His composed strike from a penalty helped to steer them to victory and the top of the league after a week in which they also secured their Champions League Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Customized Elite Alternate Black Football Jersey passage in dramatic fashion, with Giroud scoring a decisive hat-trick against Olympiakos in Greece.

“He is at the top of his game but is sometimes questioned,” said Wenger. “Finally the numbers get people to realise he is a good player.”

He added that Giroud’s lack of “electric pace” meant he was often overlooked. Personalized Baltimore Ravens Jersey “He is more of a player who plays with his back to goal and brings other people in,” he explained.

“Maybe he is not spectacular individually but he is very efficient and a very important player for the team. He is also mentally very strong,”

On Monday, Arsenal were drawn to meet Barcelona in a tie that, despite the Catalan club’s free-scoring forward line, could see them prove their mettle on the European stage.

“Arsenal and Barca have a very similar system of play,” said Barcelona director Albert Soler. “I’m convinced the fans will enjoy the football. The way we Men’s Nike Custom Baltimore Ravens Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey understand football is the same. They will be two great games.”

Barcelona beat Arsenal in the Champions League final in Paris in 2006 and have won their two meetings since but the London team’s current form,Women’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey, and Giroud’s goals, have rebuilt their self-belief since their 5-1 thrashing by Bayern Munich on Nov. 4.

At 29, Giroud is only the seventh Arsenal player to reach 50 goals in the Premier League, joining Thierry Henry, Ian Wright, Robin van Persie, Dennis Bergkamp,Custom Baltimore Ravens Jersey  Robert Pires and Theo Walcott in an illustrious club.

Giroud has struck a total of 72 goals in 121 appearances in all competitions since Youth Nike Baltimore Ravens Customized Elite Alternate Black Football Jersey
joining Arsenal from Montpellier in a 12-million-pound ($18.17-million) move in 2012. ($1 = 0.6605 pounds) (Reporting By Michael Hann; editing by Tim Collings)

Custom Atlanta Falcons Youth Jersey The 5 Top Overseas Property Markets For 2016


Thanks to an uber-strong dollar, foreign markets in recession and worse, and rapidly expanding middle classes in key locations,Custom Atlanta Falcons Youth Jersey we are amidst what I refer to as a golden age for the purchase of real estate overseas.

Here are five markets in particular that offer tremendously appealing lifestyle advantages and investment upside at the same time:


#1: Medellín, Colombia

One of my favorite cities in the world in a country whose prospects I’m more bullish on all the time, Medellín is a top choice right now for both lifestyle and investment. My husband Lief and I bought and renovated an apartment in Medellín’s El Poblado neighborhood five years ago. We look forward to every chance and any excuse to spend time in this pretty, pleasant, safe, Euro-chic city and, in fact, will be enjoying part of this year’s holiday season here with our kids.

The retiree couldn’t ask for a more comfortable or more fully appointed place to call home … and the investor couldn’t ask for better upside potential.Personalized Atlanta Falcons Jersey Plus, right now, thanks to the raging greenback, which buys more Colombian pesos today than it has in more than seven years, everything in Colombia is dramatically discounted for the buyer with U.S. dollars in his wallet.


#2: Algarve, Portugal

Portugal’s sunny coastal Algarve region is charming, historic, beautiful, English-speaking, and safe. Right now, it’s also a global bargain, thanks to a depressed property market (which has yet to recover post-2008) and a weak euro.
Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Custom Made Elite Alternate All Black Football Jersey Shirt. This is my top pick for the retiree who wants an Old World, Continental lifestyle. Also a great choice for golfers (the Algarve region boasts 40 courses) and boaters.

Investors should be paying attention, as well, as, again, prices are undervalued and rental returns are good. This is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.


#3: Argentina

I’m watching for this country to turn the corner post-Cristina. When recently elected pragmatist Mauricio Macri takes office, I think change for the better will follow quickly. This is a time,Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey therefore, to be shopping in this country that offers one of the world’s premier brand-name cities in Buenos Aires and my favorite place for life among the vines in Mendoza.


#4: Ambergris Caye, Belize

My top choice in the Caribbean, Ambergris Caye is fringed with white sand, Customized Cardinals Jersey developed enough to be comfortable but not so developed as to be packaged, and English-speaking. The expat community is big and growing, and the barrier reef just offshore is the second largest in the world.


#5: Panama

I’ve been including Panama on top five lists for more than 15 years. It still deserves the recognition. Property markets in Panama softened post 2008 but never collapsed. Panama has two secret weapons — diversified buying pools and the Panama Canal. Unlike other markets in this part of the world, Panama’s property markets are not at the mercy of what goes on in North America. This country attracts buyers and investors from the United States and Canada but also from across Central and South America, Europe, China, and beyond.

In addition, Panama has its own cash machine in the form of the Panama Canal. This is a country of about 3.5 million people. The Panama Canal returns more than $500 million to the national treasury every year.Women’s Nike Customized Atlanta Falcons Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform. After the Panama Canal expansion, that figure will increase to more than $1 billion per year. In a country this size, that’s a lot of money.

From a lifestyle perspective, one of Panama’s big advantages, again, is diversity. From cosmopolitan Panama City to a Pacific coast, a Caribbean coast, many offshore islands, mountain towns, and rural escapes,Youth Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey, Panama offers most any setting you could imagine.

Right now, U.S. dollar-holders have a big advantage in much of the world, from euro-land to Colombia and beyond. However, if you’re a dollar-holder who doesn’t want to have to worry about exchange rates, which move both ways, of course, Panama takes that risk off the table.

Customized Cardinals Jersey Tips for Completing Projects With Deadlines

Yan Revzin is the Co-Founder of Fortune Cookie Advertising, a non-traditional and out of home media placement company selling advertising space within fortune cookies at Chinese restaurants throughout the United States.

A goal without any kind of timeline can be endlessly postponed. Sometimes circumstances, such as a client’s needs, determine your timeline.Customized Cardinals Jersey Even without external pressure, however, it’s good to set your own deadlines to meet important goals.

After getting less than spectacular results from online advertising campaigns, last summer I resolved that, by the end of the year, we would acquire at least a dozen new clients from online traffic. As it turned out, we actually surpassed this goal, netting fifteen clients. Here’s what we did and why it worked.

Brainstorm Ideas and Talents

When you have a challenging goal that takes you beyond what you’ve accomplished so far,
Men’s Nike Personalized Arizona Cardinals Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap, you need to be open to new strategies that you haven’t tried before. You may find that people on your team have ideas and skills that can help in more ways than you realized. It’s important to actively ask for suggestions and be open to new possibilities.

In the case of our goal, it turned out that someone on our team had experience as a copywriter and was adept at writing compelling ads. He was especially skillful at creating ad headlines that worked well with pay-per-click style ads. Since this wasn’t his job at my company, I hadn’t been aware of this ability. It came out at a meeting where I prompted people for suggestions on improving ad performance. This team member became instrumental in helping us create more profitable ad campaigns.

To meet this objective, we also pooled other talents, including graphic arts and skilled salespeople.Personalized Arizona Cardinals Jersey This brings up another crucial aspect of completing difficult projects on schedule: consistent communication among team members.

Identify Obstacles

When setting a goal with a deadline, it’s important to know what might stand in the way. In this case of our goal to obtain new clients via online campaigns, I identified several problems that I had encountered in the past. My team and I came up with strategies to address each of these obstacles.

  • Inefficient budget management: During past campaigns, we had invested money in advertising campaigns that didn’t produce the desired results. This really came down to insufficient ad campaign tracking. I found that by monitoring campaigns more closely, we could make changes and drop campaigns that weren’t profitable.
  • Lack of focus: Past efforts at obtaining clients online had been sporadic and not well planned. In this case,Youth Nike Customized Arizona Cardinals Elite Alternate Black Jersey Sale, simply defining the goal and setting a deadline created focus.
  • Insufficient follow-through: Our campaigns were not designed to produce immediate sales, but to open communications with potential clients. Past efforts had produced some interest, but we hadn’t followed through in a way that produced sales. We developed a process that included emails, phone calls and supplying prospects with educational material about our services.

Be Willing to Change Your Approach

When it comes to completing a project on time, you need self-discipline, focus and perseverance. At the same time, you don’t want to be rigid. You even have to be willing to abandon a project or revise your goals if circumstances warrant it.Customized Arizona Cardinals Youth Jersey  In the case of my own goal, it was necessary to change course a few times. We had been using a certain advertising platform and found that it wasn’t ideal for reaching the audience we wanted to target.

It’s best to keep objectives broad so you can achieve them in a number of ways. Otherwise, there’s the risk that you’ll invest time and money into a strategy that simply doesn’t work. For example, if my goal had been to obtain a dozen clients using advertising platform X, it’s not likely that we would have been successful.Women’s Arizona Cardinals Nike Custom Made Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap. I had to try a few different platforms and approaches before finding the right formula.

Make Timelines Work in Your Favor

Timelines are a fundamental aspect of business. If you look at it the right way, you can use this to your advantage. Rather than seeing deadlines as something that causes you stress, think of them as an opportunity to up your game and come up with the best possible solutions to whatever you’re facing.Men’s Nike Arizona Cardinals Customized Elite Away White Jersey Sale. Knowing that you must complete a project or a certain phase of the project by a certain date forces you to combine focus with flexibility.

Customized Panthers Jersey A Noble Purpose Workshop Brings Out the Beast, and the Best in People

What would happen if your organization didn’t exist? If you closed your doors tomorrow, would the world miss you? That’s the first question we ask when we run a Noble Purpose workshop. The answers are surprising.

We hear everything from, “nothing would change” to “the world would fall apart.”

When employees tell us, “if we closed our doors,Customized Panthers Jersey the world wouldn’t change at all,” we know the organization has a big problem. When employees don’t believe their organization serves any purpose to the world, other than money, their work becomes transactional.

When employees say, “The world needs us desperately.” We know that they’re more engaged. The 2015 Workforce Purpose Index (from NYU and Imperative) revealed that 28 percent of the workforce is purpose-oriented,Cheap Men’s Nike Carolina Panthers Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Football Jersey, and that workers with a purpose-orientation are the most valuable high potential segment of the workforce.

What’s interesting is the polarization between people and organizations with purpose mindset versus those with a transactional approach. Here are the three scenarios we see in our Noble Purpose workshop:

1. High engagement – In highly engaged cultures, the majority of people believe that their work has a higher purpose. These types of organizations attract a disproportionate number of the high-performing purpose-oriented workers. In these organizations, people are on fire for the cause of their business.Personalized Carolina Panthers Jersey To suggest that work is a mere transaction is an affront to their ethos. In this kind of environment employees who believe that work is just a paycheck are generally regarded as low performing outliers. Typically they wind up leaving or being asked to leave because they have a chilling effect on others.

2. Transactional – In a transactional organization (the most common type) the prevailing belief is that business exists to make money.Men’s Nike Personalized Carolina Panthers Elite Alternate Powder Blue NFL Jersey. The Workforce Purpose Index revealed that 72 percent of the workforce defines work around financial gain or achieving social status and advancement. Organizations filled with these kinds of people can be effective, but they’re rarely outstanding, and they’re never differentiated. When purpose-oriented employees find themselves in this type of environment, they’re bewildered. If they voice their beliefs about purpose, they’re seen as unrealistic idealists who don’t understand the realities of work. This is unfortunate, because as the study revealed, purpose-oriented workers do significantly better in employee evaluations. Hardly the people you want to silence.

3. Hopeful Middle – These organizations are filled with people of both types. The difference here is the employees with a transactional mindset are often tentative purpose-yearners in disguise. They want their work to mean more than money, but they’re not sure its possible, or that leadership will buy in. These organizations are at a potential tipping point. When we provide data and techniques to bring a sense of purpose to life, and help purpose-oriented people spread the word, we show the transactional people what’s possible. When this is successful, it puts the organization on a bigger bolder, more engaging and ultimately more profitable path. As Aaron Hurst,Customized Carolina Panthers Women’s Jersey CEO of Imperative and author of The Purpose Economy writes, “Imagine a workforce where purpose-oriented workers are the majority.” Yet if it’s just words, with no action, employees yearning for purpose, become even more dispirited.

You can bring out the best in people by tapping into their desire for meaning and purpose. Or you can make it all about money, but once you unleash the self-absorbed all about me greed beast, it has an insatiable appetite.Women’s Nike Carolina Panthers Personalized Elite Team Color Black Football Jersey.

Lisa McLeod is the creator of the popular business concept Noble Purpose and author of the bestseller, Selling with Noble Purpose. She is a sales leadership consultant and keynote speaker. Organizations like Genentech, Google, and Kaiser hire her to help them grow revenue.

Customized Detroit Lions Women’s Jersey Titans beat Jaguars 42-39 to finally end 11-game home skid

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Marcus Mariota gave the NFL a glimpse of just how healthy the rookie is feeling right now with the league’s longest run this season and the third-longest by a quarterback going back to 1940.

Mariota also matched one of Peyton Manning’s rookie marks helping the Customized Detroit Lions Women’s Jersey Tennessee Titans end the NFL’s longest active home skid at 11 straight by edging the Jacksonville Jaguars 42-39 on Sunday.

Titans interim coach Mike Mularkey said he had one thought watching Mariota on his 87-yard TD run.Men’s Nike Detroit Lions Customized Elite Team Color Light Blue NFL Football Jersey.

”It’s going to be hard to catch him,” Mularkey said. ”Again, I think I said, this is about as healthy as he has been since Week 2 in Cleveland.”

Mariota’s TD run put the Titans ahead to stay in the fourth quarter,Custom Detroit Lions Youth Jersey  and he also became the first in the NFL to throw for more than 250 yards, run for 100 yards or more and throw three TD passes in a game. He threw for 268 yards and ran for 112 more.

The Titans (3-9) won for the first time since the last time Jacksonville came to town, a win Oct. 12, 2014, that was Tennessee’s lone home victory all last season.

Blake Bortles topped Mariota with five TD passes himself,Women’s Nike Detroit Lions Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt Cheap, three to Allen Robinson. But the Jaguars (4-8) blew a fourth-quarter lead in missing a chance to sweep Tennessee for the first time since 2005 in this AFC South rivalry.

”It is a step backwards,” Jaguars cornerbackDavon House said. ”We let this one slip away.”

Some things to know about Tennessee’s win over the Jaguars:

MARIOTA’S DAY: Mariota became the first Tennessee player to run for at least 100 yards sinceChris Johnson on Dec. 29, 2013. His 87-yard TD run was behind only to Terrelle Pryor’s 93-yard run in 2013 for Oakland against Pittsburgh and Colin Kaepernick’s 90-yarder for San Francisco against San Diego in 2014.

The Heisman Trophy winner also had his fourth game this season with three or more TD passes, matching Manning as the only NFL rookies to do that. Manning had four in 1998. ”If he keeps on working the way that he’s doing,Personalized Lions Jersey he’s going to help us out, and win a lot of games,” Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey said.

BORTLES’ FRANCHISE MARK: Bortles now has 27 TD passes this season for the Jaguars’ single-season record. He passed David Garrard who had 23 in 2010. Bortles threw three TDs in the fourth quarter and three of the TDs went to Robinson who caught 10 passes for 153 yards. Robinson became Jacksonville’s first 1,000-yard receiver since Jimmy Smith in 2005.

TITANS’ D: The Titans sacked Bortles twice, the last ending Jacksonville’s final possession on fourth down. They also took advantage of a bad snap that went over Bortles’ head. Wesley Woodyardrecovered the ball and ran 3 yards for the clinching TD. ”We finally found a way to stop them and get off the field and close the game out,” Titans linebackerBrian Orakpo said. ”So it was huge. It’s closing Youth Nike Detroit Lions Customized Elite Team Color Light Blue NFL Football Jersey these games out. It’s something we’ve struggled with all year long.

SPECIAL TEAM WOES: Jaguars kicker Jason Myers was both wide right and wide left on extra points, and his first miss prompted coach Gus Bradley to go for the 2-point conversion after Jacksonville’s first TD. But David Bass batted down Custom Lions Jersey Bortles’ pass, costing Jacksonville four points. Myers was on the injury report before the game with an injured back. Bradley said he’d need to look at the tape on the missed kicks.

HIGH-SCORING QUARTER: These teams scored a combined six TDs in the fourth quarter, matching the second-most TDs in a fourth quarter since 1940, according to STATS. Only Chicago and Detroit have scored more in a fourth quarter with seven on Sept. 30, 2007. Mularkey couldn’t recall being part of such a crazy Men’s Nike Personalized Detroit Lions Elite Team Road Blue White Two Tone NFL Jersey quarter. ”I really don’t what to be a part of a lot of those like that,” Mularkey said.