Personalized NFL Football Jersey How Tech Breakthroughs Can Shatter the Bonds of Poverty

Right now, roughly 2 billion adults around the world lack basic financial services like bank accounts. Here is why that matters: When the poor can’t manage their resources, they become trapped in a cycle of poverty that is difficult to break.

The unbanked poor are, for all intents and purposes, excluded from the formal economy. They are forced to rely upon cash or relatively insecure assets such as
Personalized NFL Football Jersey jewelry and livestock. They can lose their entire holdings through theft, natural disasters, or other circumstances outside their
Men’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap control.

The result, quite often, is that health conditions linger untreated; children go
Custom Patriots Jersey uneducated; and the cycles of poverty and disease continue into another generation.

However, when people have access to formal financial services, they’re better able to tend to their essential needs. We know that providing financial access can be a powerful poverty alleviation tool; one that can pull individuals, families and whole communities out of poverty. A growing number of exciting examples prove the point. Farmers in Malawi harvested more land and grew more crops when they started using a simple savings account. Tibetan families using similar accounts ended up spending 20 percent more on education.

It is no coincidence that, in both instances, the accounts were digital.

Research has shown that digital financial services (DFS) are the most effective way to provide banking, insurance, and lending in emerging markets.

DFS enables the global poor to handle their money in digital form, storing value
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The global revolution in mobile communications is making all of this possible, enabling the poor to connect to reliable and affordable financial tools through
Women’s Nike Customized New England Patriots Elite Throwback Red Alternate Football Jersey phones, kiosks, and other digital platforms.

These digital services are becoming increasingly well established. There are more than 400 providers of mobile money services – digital wallets that customers can access over simple cell phones – in the world today. More than half are in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the industry is expected to be worth more than US $14 billion by 2020.

While this growth is impressive, the billions of unbanked people in the world are evidence that we still have a long way to go.

We are only beginning to develop the robust infrastructure we need to ensure Youth Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale universal access to DFS. The digital infrastructure needs to be capable of massive growth and handle countless small transactions securely and at low cost to providers.

My colleagues and I at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are looking closely at what goes into a thriving DFS market. We’re convinced that expanded access to
Customized New England Patriots Jersey financial services can help low-income nations and communities get out – and stay out – of poverty.

In order to establish an inclusive economy, we need to build on the early momentum we have seen around the development of basic DFS infrastructure.

Three technologies are especially vital.

One is digital identity and authentication. In order to bring billions of people into the financial system swiftly and securely, we need reliable ways to verify that new customers are who they say they are.

This straightforward principle is sometimes referred to as KYC, or “know your customer.” As you might imagine, KYC can be a challenge when it comes to the global poor, most of whom lack a formal credit history or government-issued identity card.

A “tiered KYC” approach has been introduced as one solution. This approach requires little or no proof of identity for simple accounts and offers more advanced financial services as you provide higher levels of authentication.
Personalized New England Patriots Jersey India’s Aadhaar national identity program is connected to tiered DFS accounts; so far it has allowed 200 million people to begin banking for the first time.

Another key piece of a digital financial network is distributed ledgers (DL). Broadly speaking, DL technology provides a continually updated record of
Men’s Nike Customized New England Patriots Elite Throwback Red Alternate Football Jersey transactions, in the form of time-stamped blocks of data.

The “distributed” quality of these systems refers to the fact that transactions are verified automatically by a network of chained computers. With no single centralized governing authority, systems backed by this technology are very secure and flexible.

Finally, DFS technology should provide open sourcing. All other platform technologies, such as the Internet and the GSM mobile-communications framework, have flourished as standardized protocols and application program interfaces (APIs) have emerged, enabling massive scale and interoperability.

This kind of broad-gauge growth and openness to innovation are exactly what we need to see in DFS. Our foundation is looking with keen interest at ways to apply open-sourcing principles to this dynamic and critically important field.

In an ever-more-connected world, digital financial services represent one of the most important and effective poverty-alleviation strategies of our time. The possibilities of DFS are limitless – and so is its potential for improving the lives of the world’s poorest.

Personalized NFL Football Jersey Gerald McCoy takes leadership cue from Jameis

Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has long been a leader in Tampa Bay,
Personalized NFL Football Jersey but he went out of his way on Wednesday to make one thing very clear: This is Jameis Winston’s team going forward.

“I love Jameis, man,” McCoy said of the second-year Bucs quarterback, per Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times. “He’s like my brother. I referred to him as the face of the franchise, because he is. When they show commercials of the Bucs,
Men’s Nike Custom Made Seattle Seahawks College Navy Blue Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale,they’re not showing Gerald. They’re showing Jameis. That’s for a reason, and I’m happy about that. If your quarterback is the face of your franchise, usually that
Custom Seahawks Jersey tags to winning or going in a positive direction. I’m excited about it.”

McCoy revealed that he and Winston spoke honestly about their respective
Men’s Nike Seattle Seahawks NFL Elite Away White Custom Jersey Cheap leadership roles inside the locker room.

“People ask, ‘Well, Gerald, what type of leader are you?’ Whatever type my team needs me to be,” McCoy said. “Me and Jameis had a private conversation about what he feels like this team needs me to be as a leader. I’m not going to say, but I think it will be obvious when it happens, because you guys are used to doing things a certain way.”Women’s Nike Custom Made Seattle Seahawks College Navy Blue Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale.

Said McCoy: “That’s going to change. The face of the franchise came to me and said ‘Hey, listen. If we’re going to win, we need you to do this. OK? My
Customized Seattle Seahawks Jersey quarterback said this is what he needs, so it’s what I’m going to do. If he feels like that’s what our team needs in order for us to win, who am I to tell him, ‘No, I’m not going to do that.’ I want to win, too.”

McCoy praised Winston as “very mature, very intelligent,” echoing what we
Personalized Seattle Seahawks Jersey heard about the quarterback during his rookie season, when team officials were encouraged to see Winston embrace a
Youth Nike Seattle Seahawks NFL Elite Away White Custom Jersey Cheap vocal leadership role — a role that will only expand in Year 2.

Brendan Gallagher Jersey After Munich shooting, would tighter German gun laws make a difference?

The German response to massacres on their soil in recent years has been to tighten gun control. But with some of the strictest gun laws in the world, where can Germany go next?

An 18-year-old obtained a handgun and 300 rounds of ammunition to use in a mass shooting in Munich on Friday that left nine people dead. Immediately,
Brendan Gallagher Jersey many wondered how the shooter, who had received psychiatric care and treatment for depression, was able to get access to the
Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 65 Andrew Shaw Authentic Home Red NHL Hockey Jersey Cheap weapons.

On Sunday, German leaders began to call for even stricter gun control, as evidence emerged that the gunman, Ali David Sonboly, bought the gun illegally on the internet. But while politicians send up the call for stricter laws, some experts told The Christian Science Monitor that may not be the catch-all answer.

Recommended: Gun laws: How much do you know?

“I don’t think there’s any magic law that will solve this kind of problem – even in Germany,” says James Jacobs, director of the Center for Research in Crime and
Chandail Canadiens de Montréal Justice at New York University. “It’s probably not possible to stop the black market. We haven’t stopped the black market in drugs.
Youth Reebok Montreal Canadiens 74 Alexei Emelin Authentic Away White Ice Hockey Jersey.It’s unlikely that they could stop the black market in guns.”

Officials suspect that Mr. Sonboly drew inspiration from previous mass shootings in Germany, since he visited the site of a 2009 shooting where a 17-year-old used a gun stolen from his father to kill 15 people. This shooting, along with a school massacre in Germany in 2002, provided the political impetus to push through stringent gun control measures. In contrast, efforts in the United States to
Alexander Radulov Jersey introduce tighter gun control laws after a public shooting have often led to surges in gun sales and calls to resist changing the law.

Germany is the only country in the world where anyone younger than 25 must pass a psychiatric examination in order to apply for a gun license. Gun owners must prove expert knowledge in handling the weapon, usually gained through a months-long course, and all guns must be registered in an electronic database.
Youth Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 11 Brendan Gallagher 2016 Winter Classic Ice Hockey Jersey.With stricter gun laws, gun homicides in Germany dropped from 106 in 2002 to 57 in 2015, according to

Germany’s two ruling parties, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats, were quick to call for even tighter gun laws following Friday’s attack.

Sigmar Gabriel, the deputy chancellor, told the Funke Mediengruppe news group, “We must continue to do all we can to limit and strictly control access to deadly weapons.”

Dr. Jacobs says that even in England, which has the toughest gun laws in Europe,
Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 47 Alexander Radulov Authentic Away White NHL Hockey Jersey Cheap,there is a significant amount of gun crime. “It’s very difficult to keep a person who is determined to obtain a firearm from obtaining one,” he says.

“I think there will be some tinkering around the edges, but I don’t see that there will be or that there needs to be a major departure in gun regulation,” says Kenneth Ledford, professor of German history and law at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. And Germany has a much greater gun presence than most Americans realize, he says.

German citizens legally own 5.4 million guns, making the country the fourth most-armed nation per capita.

“Germany has always had an armed police force, as opposed to England where there’s a long tradition of an unarmed police officers. As far back as the 1980s, airports and public buildings are guarded by border police with machine guns,” says Dr. Ledford.

The disparity between gun laws in different European countries is being called into focus, since guns can freely travel in the border-free Schengen Area. Though the serial number from the handgun used in Munich was wiped off, its most recent documentation was from Slovakia in 2014, The Telegraph reported,Andrew Shaw Jersey which was also believed to be the origin of the weapons
Women’s Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 31 Carey Price 2016 Winter Classic White Jersey used in last year’s Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.

Alexei Emelin Jersey Boost Your Business and Energize Employees: Applying the 4 C’s of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Did you know that an unhappy workplace leads to 46% more expenses for the organization? Or that stress is now recognized as the #1 health threat in the United States? Stress in the workplace is linked to absenteeism, presenteeism,
Alexei Emelin Jersey lack of productivity and focus, health care costs, and
Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 74 Alexei Emelin Authentic Away White Ice Hockey Jersey turnover – all of which cost companies a lot of money.

According to the American Institute of Stress, the biggest form of stress is workplacestress. This affects the health and well-being of many individuals personally and professionally as well as the bottom line for many organizations. To synthesize some of the principles of mindfulness, we created the 4 C’s – a simple yet profound path to help people understand, integrate, and apply these practices.


Research on the neuroscience of mindfulness substantiates what the sages have known for ages: mindfulness practice builds an increased state of calm in the
Andrei Markov Jersey mind-body. Drs. Richard Davidson, Sara Lazar, Jon-Kabat-Zinn and many other scientists have a shown profound changes in the brain with meditation and mindfulness practices. These changes are expressed as increased focus and concentration, less emotionality/reactivity, increased memory, calmer demeanor and improved immune system functioning. In the workplace this translates into a positive impact for the bottom line: less absenteeism and
Youth Reebok Montreal Canadiens 74 Alexei Emelin Authentic Away White Ice Hockey Jersey presenteeism, reduced health care costs, improved productivity, creativity and innovation. Ask Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini. When he instituted policies and opportunities for Aetna employees to practice mindfulness, Aetna realized a 7% overall drop in company healthcare costs!


Mindfulness builds the quality of compassion leading to more emotional-intelligence and regulation. As mindfulness teachers, we stress to our students that you must send compassion to yourself first and then others. So analogous to
Chandail Canadiens de Montréal being on a plane: the oxygen mask must be applied to yourself first before you are able to skillfully help others. Dr. Emma Seppala from Stanford University and other researchers have shown how compassionate and empathetic leaders can rally and galvanize teams more
Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 79 Andrei Markov Authentic Home Red A Patch Ice Hockey Jersey skillfully, rally a group towards a common goal, build loyalty and resilience, and produce high performing departments.

Dr. Kelly McGonigal, in her research in Positive Psychology, has found that high-functioning, successful teams have a 6:1 ratio between positive and negative thoughts, behaviors, and focus. Compassionate teams work better together, feel
Alex Galchenyuk Jersey understood, are more willing to collaborate, to help one another in order to work together for common vision and mission.


Employees need clarity to perform at their highest level and to feel successful about their contributions. Clarity is connected to judgement, wisdom, and prioritization of goals – all essential qualities for employees to possess. With chronic stress, the brain literally goes through an emotional hijacking making it impossible for a person to think clearly.  The amygdala (emotional/fear center) literally overtakes the cerebral cortex. Unclear communication, pervasive in many organizations, is just one of the casualties of this dynamic. Mindfulness meditation and principles literally interrupts this hijacking so that people have access to their full potential for clarity, communication, decision-making, and
Men’s Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 27 Alex Galchenyuk 2016 Winter Classic Ice Hockey Jersey problem-solving. All of this contributes to more effective and successful employees, leaders, teams, and businesses.


We are making choices constantly in our professional and personal lives. When practicing mindfulness, these choices are more likely to be informed by our highest and best selves. Why? Mindfulness practitioners literally have a larger gap between stimulus and response, allowing that person to make more informed choices. With this practice, employees and leaders shift from habitual reactionary patterns to more skillful, conscious responding to whatever presents itself. This shift is key to a happy, healthy workplace because habitual reactionary patterns can cause both immediate and long-term damaging effects. Employees making better choices in their personal and professional lives is a win-win for everyone!

Educating and empowering organizations with mindfulness practices will not only raise the ceiling of productivity, collaboration, and innovation, but also will impact the bottom-line around stress, healthcare costs, absenteeism, presenteeim, and turnover. In today’s competitive marketplace, these practices and principles may be just what is needed to take your employees, leaders, and business to the next level!

Donald Trump Jr., Andrei Markov Jersey Of All People, Denounces Fancy Schools And Elitism

CLEVELAND ― Donald Trump Jr., son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the executive vice president of his dad’s company, denounced “fancy degrees” and called for a country that promotes competition and
Andrei Markov Jersey meritocracy while speaking at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday. Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 74 Alexei Emelin Authentic Away White Ice Hockey Jersey.

“To this day, many of the top executives in our company are individuals that started out as blue collar,” the younger Trump told the audience, emphasizing that his father employs regular working people that others would otherwise look over due to their lack of “fancy colleges and degrees.”

“We didn’t learn from MBAs,” said Trump, who attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, just like his father.Youth Reebok Montreal Canadiens 74 Alexei Emelin Authentic Away White Ice Hockey Jersey.

“We learned from people who had doctorates in common sense,” he continued,
Chandail Canadiens de Montréal referencing employees of his father that he and
Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 79 Andrei Markov Authentic Home Red A Patch Ice Hockey Jersey his siblings spent time with.

Trump continued to criticize the new aristocratic America, which he said is built on networks “of patronage and influence” filled with “self-satisfied people at the
Alex Galchenyuk Jersey top.”

The elder Trump stressed last year how hard he worked to build his empire.

“It has not been easy for me. I started off in Brooklyn. My father gave me a small
Alexei Emelin Jersey loan of a million dollars,” he said of his humble beginnings.
Men’s Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 27 Alex Galchenyuk 2016 Winter Classic Ice Hockey Jersey.“I came into Manhattan, and I had to pay him back, and I had to pay him back with interest.”

Alex Galchenyuk Jersey Colombia graduate who chose motherhood over career, China over US

Colombia graduate who chose motherhood over career.

Many overseas returnees come back with knowledge, ambition and a vision.
Alex Galchenyuk Jersey Besides all these, a 24-year-old alumna of Colombia University arrived in Shanghai with another precious thing in life, her three-month-old son.Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 74 Alexei Emelin Authentic Away White Ice Hockey Jersey.

What’s more unusual, at least in Chinese context, is that instead of finding a job in the finance sector like most of her peers, Hu Rujia decided to be stay-at-home mother.

From traditional Chinese perspective, a well-educated woman, especially someone who has graduated from a prestigious university, should not be a full-time housewife.

Even the word “housewife” in Chinese is mostly used in a negative sense.

But Hu views it differently, a change she calls the biggest mental transformation
Alexei Emelin Jersey she experienced thanks to her stint abroad.Youth Reebok Montreal Canadiens 74 Alexei Emelin Authentic Away White Ice Hockey Jersey.

So why did Hu decided to come back to China? And how did the foreign education change her perspective on life, career and parenting?

Colombia graduate who chose motherhood over career, China over US[2]-

Here are the excerpts:

Q: After graduating from one of the best universities in the world you decided to be a housewife instead of pursuing a professional career. Could you tell us a bit about what made you choose this path?

A: I credit the western culture for this. First, I don’t think it’s easy to be a housewife. From traditional Chinese perspective, stay-at-home moms are taken for granted to be appendage to their husbands and only professional women are
Andrei Markov Jersey worth being respected. But I think it’s about household labor division and mother plays a crucial role in a family. I appreciate that I have the time to be with my son when he needs me the most.Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 79 Andrei Markov Authentic Home Red A Patch Ice Hockey Jersey.

Second, most Chinese young couples hand the baby-sitting job to their parents. It’s really a Chinese-style of parenting, not common in the West. But I believe in the vital influence of family education on children. As an aside, I think many Chinese families meet children’s needs in an upside-down manner. Parents allow their children to leave the nest for career development at an age when the kids need them most but tighten control when the children are mature enough to make their own decisions. It’s unhealthy.

Q: Why did you choose China over US where you were already pursuing a future?

A: I didn’t have any specific preference as far as career development was concerned. I did thought of working in the US for some years just to polish my resume, but I can’t neglect my family or the need to be with my family in China.

Pregnancy interrupted my plan during the graduation season so I didn’t try to find a job upon graduation. After giving birth, I also realized that parenting and work can’t be managed well at the same time without the support of family. I particularly worried that we will not be able to provide our son a happy environment. Even though the salary upon graduation in the US is enough to
Chandail Canadiens de Montréal lead a decent life, we would have still struggled to make deep roots in the American society as the threshold in some prestigious private schools is still very high for a family that is not well-connected like ours.

So, my husband insisted we move back to China for future growth.Men’s Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 27 Alex Galchenyuk 2016 Winter Classic Ice Hockey Jersey.

Known for jokes and insults, Alexei Emelin Jersey Boris Johnson takes helm of British diplomacy

Boris Johnson, Britain’s most colorful politician with a long record of gaffes and scandals, was appointed as foreign secretary on Wednesday in a surprise move by new Prime Minister Theresa May that could shake up world diplomacy.Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 74 Alexei Emelin Authentic Away White Ice Hockey Jersey.

The former London mayor, who has never previously held a cabinet post and is
Alexei Emelin Jersey known for his undiplomatic language, was the most prominent figure in the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union that culminated in a vote for ‘Brexit’ on June 23.

The appointment of a man who in the run-up to the referendum compared the goals of the EU with those of Adolf Hitler and Napoleon is likely to cause consternation in European capitals.

Johnson also drew accusations of racism during the campaign by suggesting in a newspaper article that U.S. President Barack Obama, whom he described as
Andrei Markov Jersey “part-Kenyan”, was biased against Britain because of an “ancestral dislike of the British empire”.

The U.S. State Department was quick to say it looked forward to working with
Youth Reebok Montreal Canadiens 74 Alexei Emelin Authentic Away White Ice Hockey Jersey Johnson. But he may face awkward moments in Washington over the Obama comments, as well as a 2007 article in which he likened Hillary Clinton to “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital” and a more recent quip that he feared going to New York because of “the real risk of meeting Donald Trump”.

The rise to one of the four great offices of state was the latest twist in an eventful career for the man invariably referred to simply as “Boris”, known in Britain and
Chandail Canadiens de Montréal beyond for his clownish persona and disheveled mop of platinum hair.

Johnson originally made his name as an EU-bashing journalist in Brussels, then entered politics in the Conservative Party while also raising his profile through a series of appearances on a hit comedy TV show.


His ability to charm people with his quick wit and eccentric style helped him shrug off a series of scandals, including getting sacked from the party’s policy team while in opposition for lying about an extra-marital affair.

That and other episodes earned him the tabloid nickname “Bonking Boris”. But where others would have floundered, Johnson became increasingly popular, culminating in his two victories in usually left-leaning London’s mayoral contests in 2008 and 2012.

His decision to defy then-Prime Minister David Cameron, who was campaigning for Britain to remain in the European Union, by leading the push for Brexit, was
Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 79 Andrei Markov Authentic Home Red A Patch Ice Hockey Jersey widely seen as a bold gamble to replace Cameron should the “Leave” side win the referendum.

After that came to pass, he was seen as the favorite for the top job, but in his hour of triumph his ambition was thwarted in dramatic fashion when his close ally Michael Gove abruptly deserted him and announced his own candidacy.

The betrayal by Gove, whose parting shot was to say that “Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead”, stopped Johnson’s march on Downing Street before it had even started.

His prospects appeared bleak as he was widely ridiculed for playing a major role in pushing Britain towards Brexit, only to duck out of the daunting task of
Alex Galchenyuk Jersey actually steering that process. A joke that circulated widely on social media was “Cometh the hour, run awayeth the man”.

His appointment as foreign secretary was unexpected. In her previous role as
Men’s Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 27 Alex Galchenyuk 2016 Winter Classic Ice Hockey Jersey interior minister, May had humiliated Johnson by refusing to allow the use of water cannons in England after, as mayor of London, he had bought three of the devices second-hand from Germany.

In a speech launching her own leadership bid on June 30, May made fun of Johnson by contrasting her own experience of negotiating with European counterparts with his.

“Last time he did a deal with the Germans he came back with three nearly-new water cannon,” she said to laughter.

With May having also appointed David Davis to the newly created post of secretary of state for exiting the European Union, Johnson’s role in detailed negotiations over the terms of Brexit is likely to be limited.


However, he will have to handle some of the most complex and explosive diplomatic crises around the world, from Syria to Ukraine.

“At this incredibly important time … it is extraordinary that the new prime minister has chosen someone whose career is built on making jokes,” said Tim Farron, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats.

Despite recent efforts to project a more serious image, Johnson may well find that old and not-so-old jokes come back to haunt him in his new job.

It could be hard for him to work his charm in Turkey, a NATO member and key player in the Middle East as well as in the refugee crisis on Europe’s borders, after he was declared the winner of The Spectator magazine’s “President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition” in May.

The magazine ran the contest to protest against what it described as Turkish
Women’s Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 31 Carey Price 2016 Winter Classic White Jersey President Tayyip Erdogan’s abuse of blasphemy laws to block criticism of himself.

Johnson’s winning entry was as follows: “There was a young fellow from Ankara, Who was a terrific wankerer, Till he sowed his wild oats with the help of a goat, But he didn’t even stop to thankera”.

Custom Milwaukee Brewers Jersey EU proposes new asylum rules to stop migrants crossing Europe

The European Commission proposed more unified EU asylum rules on
Custom Milwaukee Brewers Jersey Wednesday, in a bid to stop people waiting for refugee status moving around the bloc and disrupting its passport-free zone.

In an unprecedented wave of migration last year, 1.3 million people reached the EU and most ignored legal restrictions, trekking from the Mediterranean coast to
Men’s Authentic Customized Milwaukee Brewers Stitched Home White Baseball Jersey apply for asylum in wealthy Germany, prompting some EU countries to suspend the Schengen Area system that allows free passage between most EU states.

“The changes will create a genuine common asylum procedure,” said EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos. “At the same time, we set clear
Milwaukee Brewers Personalized Jersey obligations and duties for asylum seekers to prevent secondary movements and abuse of procedures.”

The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said it had concerns about the new rules and said the new system must not lower standards of protection and asylum.

The proposal would standardize refugee reception facilities across the bloc and unify the level of state support they can get, setting common rules on residence permits, travel papers, access to jobs, schools, social welfare and healthcare.
Men’s Authentic Personalized Milwaukee Brewers Alternate Gold Color Jersey.

It would grant prospective refugees swifter rights to work, but also put more
Custom MLB Jersey obligations on them, meaning that if they do not cooperate with the authorities or head to an EU state of their choice rather than staying put, their asylum application could be jeopardized.

The five-year waiting period after which refugees are eligible for long-term residence would be restarted if they move from their designated country, the Commission said.

UNHCR spokesman William Spindler said people should be dissuaded from such movements, not punished.

The proposal also spells out more cases in which asylum seekers could be detained, something Jean Lambert, a British Green Party member of the European Parliament, said showed the EU was taking the wrong attitude to Women’s Customized Milwaukee Brewers Authentic Home White Baseball Jersey people seeking sanctuary.

“The EU has justifiably come under fire for its response to the refugee crisis but today’s proposals … will do nothing to allay this,” she said, accusing the
Custom Brewers Jersey Commission of seeking to curb the rights of asylum seekers and “an obsession with punitive measures”.

“People are fleeing because their lives are threatened and homes being destroyed, not because the EU’s asylum system is gold plated – it’s not!”

The plan, which will be reviewed by EU governments and the European Parliament, comes after Brussels proposed in May a system for distributing asylum seekers, an idea opposed by eastern EU states which refuse to accept refugees.

Only 3,056 people have so far been relocated under the scheme that was meant for 160,000 people, the Commission said. Hungary and Slovakia have challenged the system in the courts.

UNHCR wants the EU to drop the first country of arrival principle and distribute asylum seekers among EU member states.

Asked whether Brussels would punish countries, including Poland and the Czech Republic, for not complying, Avramopoulos said: “We’re not here to punish, we are here to persuade. But if this persuasion doesn’t succeed, then yes, we’re
Youth Authentic Personalized Milwaukee Brewers Alternate Navy Blue MLB Jersey thinking of doing that. But we’re not there yet.”


Last year’s record arrivals triggered bitter political disputes in the EU, where the wealthier states which ended up hosting most of the people accused the newer members in the east of showing no solidarity.

A deal with Turkey in March has since cut the arrivals to Greece to a trickle, but has prompted concerns about human rights.

Unlike the Turkey route, however, which mainly brought Syrians and other people with a strong cases for asylum into Europe, the bloc is now worried over a rise in arrivals from Africa through Libya. Most people on that route do not qualify for asylum and, under the EU rules, should be sent back.

The Commission wants to draw up lists of “safe countries” outside the bloc, which would help EU states return people, after Athens’ refusal to recognize Turkey as such a place hindered deportations from the Greek islands back to Turkey.

So-called safe countries should only be an option where “precise, impartial, and up-to-date information is available on the safety of a particular country”, UNHCR’s Spindler said.

“An applicant must have an effective opportunity to rebut the presumption of safety in light of their individual circumstances, and the safe country concepts should not apply to vulnerable applicants.”

To discourage chaotic flows by facilitating legal migration, the Commission also proposed an EU-wide system for resettlement directly from refugee camps. It said Brussels would pay 10,000 euros for each person EU states bring in.

But Slovakia, the current holder of the EU’s rotating presidency, was skeptical on chances for unified asylum system.

“We can only talk about real burden-sharing when the quality of life is the same in all EU states,” said Bernard Priecel, head of Slovakia’s migration service. “Otherwise we will always have secondary movements. How can you force them to stay?”

Custom MLB Jersey Newborns’ privacy breached by videos

Nearly 6,000 newborns are the latest victims of leaked personal information,
Custom MLB Jersey as video clips were spread online showing them lying in incubators.

The babies’ faces, names, ages, diseases and admission dates were clearly visible in the videos, which were taken at the neonatal intensive care unit of Anhui
Men’s Authentic Custom Chicago White Sox Home White Baseball Jersey Cheap Provincial Women and Child Health Care Hospital, Beijing News reported.

The hospital said the infants in the videos were admitted from early 2014 to early 2015.

“Parents of the infants could watch the videos to check their situation in the unit by logging onto a website authorized by the hospital with their username and
Custom White Sox Jersey password. We thought it was a hacker attack and made a police report,” the hospital said on its website.Men’s Authentic Customized Stitched Name and Number Chicago White Sox Alternate Home Black Jersey.

A mother using the alias Su Jin was the first to report the leak to police after she found a 15-second clip of her son on the video sharing website, according to Beijing News.

The screenshots provided by Su showed the uploader’s name as “BBS of Anhui Women and Child Website”, which had uploaded 5,793 such clips that had been played 139,000 times. The video clips on have been removed.

The hospital did not respond to calls seeking comment.

Although the hospital claimed that the video clips were provided to parents for
Chicago White Sox Personalized Jersey free and there was no economic interest for it to sell the data, lawyers said the hospital is jointly liable for the privacy breach and parents can request civil compensation.Youth Authentic Custom Chicago White Sox Home White Baseball Jersey Cheap.

Theft of personal information has been ubiquitous. Roughly 80 percent of the population has experienced leaks of information, such as names, home addresses and ID numbers, and they receive spam calls almost every day, according to the Investigation Report on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Chinese Netizens (2015) conducted by the Internet Society of China.

“Since the second day after giving birth to my daughter, I got numerous phone calls for infant formula, hair-shaving services, shower services, photography, the baby’s 100-day feast, insurance and early education. They knew everything about our family and the baby,” said Tang Ying, a mother of an 8-month-old girl in
Men’s Authentic Personalized Chicago White Sox Alternate Home White Throwback Jersey Shanghai.

“Although laws bar government workers and employees in finance, education,
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Making the Leap: Jadeveon Clowney Jersey Sale Colts’ Donte Moncrief, Phillip Dorsett

In Around The NFL’s “Making the Leap” series, we spotlight emerging players to keep an eye on in 2016. Whether rising from no-namer to quality starter or vaulting from standout to superstar, each of these individuals is poised to break through in the coming campaign.Men’s Nike 90 Jadeveon Clowney Houston Texans Elite Alternate Red Jersey.

The offenses of the Colts, Packers and Cowboys set the NFL on fire in 2014, only
Jadeveon Clowney Jersey Sale to fall on hard times when a plague of injuries wreaked havoc on each team in 2015. There is ample reason to believe all three will bounce back with authority this season.

In the case of Indianapolis’ offense, a pair of dynamic young wide receivers — Donte Moncrief andPhillip Dorsett — loom as breakout candidates with the potential to fuel Andrew Luck’s return to the top of the NFL’s passing charts.

Why Moncrief and Dorsett are on the list

The Colts’ greenhorn wideouts may have been omitted from Around The NFL’s recent list of theleague’s best receiving corps, but Moncrief, Dorsett and T.Y.
Huston Texans Jersey Hilton can lay claim to the title of football’s fastest trio.

Moncrief boasts the physical tools of a No. 1 receiver, measuring 6-foot-2 and 222 pounds with 4.40 speed, a 40-inch vertical and an 11-foot broad jump. He slid to 90th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft due to concerns that he was raw as a route runner and body catcher while playing with underwhelming quarterbacks at Ole Miss.

Although he struggled to earn Luck’s trust as a rookie, Moncrief was well on his way to a breakout campaign through October of his second season. Had he not lost his starting quarterback in Week 9, just after running into the shutdown secondaries of Carolina and Denver, his “leap” would have already occurred.

We saw flashes of Cordarrelle Patterson in Moncrief’s rookie game film, as a dynamic tackle breaker limited to go routes, slants, crossers, bubble screens and end-arounds. His second season was far more promising, as he bypassed veteran Andre Johnson in the Colts’ pecking order while picking up the full route tree.

Moncrief is a do-everything wide receiver with strong run-after-catch ability and DeAndre Hopkins-like physicality and acrobatics near the sideline and in the end zone. What impressed me most on NFL Game Pass, though, were the reliable hands he showed while hauling in passes from a quintet of scattershot Colts quarterbacks.

Though Dorsett blazed a 4.33-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine,
Jadeveon Clowney Jersey  the 29th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft was widely panned as a head-scratching luxury selection for a team with greater needs on
Men’s Nike Houston Texans 90 Jadeveon Clowney Elite Away White Football Jersey the offensive line and in the defensive front seven.

It didn’t take long for the University of Miami star to endear himself to coaches, however. When NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport visited Colts camp last August, he came away with the lasting impression that the entire organization was excited to be adding a superstar. Beyond the obvious speed and playmaking ability in space, the Colts raved about Dorsett’s hands, attitude, instincts and football aptitude.

Given that he was drawing comparisons to DeSean Jackson, it was natural to believe Dorsett would be an instant-impact player for an offense that seemed poised to take the league by storm.

Obstacles they’ll face

Dorsett simply wasn’t ready for a major role entering his first NFL season. He exhibited a case of the yips in the season opener, muffing a pair of punts to go with a fair catch near his own 5-yard line. Though he was an offensive focal point in Week 2, he simply couldn’t get on the same page with Luck, who misconnected on a handful of deep throws in Dorsett’s direction.

As then-offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton pointed out in 2014, Hamilton’s offense put young Coltsreceivers at a slight disadvantage compared to other rookies, because they had to learn the X, Z, slot and the inside (F) spot in the offense, rather than concentrating on one position. With Dorsett struggling to
Youth Nike Houston Texans 90 Jadeveon Clowney Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey master the offense, his targets dwindled until he went down with a late-October fractured fibula that sidelined him for the next six weeks. Between the early-season hiccups and the midseason injury, the Colts’ first-round pick didn’t show signs of paying off until he was featured in the Week 17game plan.

The obstacles are more concrete for Moncrief, who missed the offseason program while recovering from toe surgery. As long as he’s fully healthy entering training
Jadeveon Clowney Texans Jersey camp late this month, he’s locked into the No. 2 receiver role.

If he’s going to leapfrog Hilton as Luck’s go-to target, though, the Colts will have to pull him off of special teams duty. As of late last season, he was still playing the “gunner” role on punts.

Expectations for 2016

When I began this project, I had relatively equal expectations for both receivers. After watching the 2015 game film, though, it’s evident that Moncrief is the NFL’s premier breakout candidate at the position, while Dorsett is ticketed for the third receiver role.

That’s not to say Dorsett won’t add playmaking juice to Luck’s aerial attack. By the end of last season, new coordinator Rob Chudzinski was fashioning a Brandin Cooks-like role for Dorsett, featuring jet sweeps, bubble screens, quick slants and even a backfield appearance to go with the early-season shot plays downfield.

While Dorsett is the wild card in Indianapolis’ offense, Moncrief has already earned Luck’s trust, learned to find open spots in zone defenses, reeled in a series of catches with a high degree of difficulty and emerged as the team’s best offensive player for stretches of the 2015 season. His outlook is especially promising after he demonstrated an impressive efficiency that belied his
Women’s Nike Houston Texans 90 Jadeveon Clowney Elite Away Liberty White Jersey quarterbacks’ struggles in 2015.

Moncrief should be a lock for his first 1,000-yard campaign, taking advantage of the single coverage provided by Hilton’s downfield prowess in an offense that is poised to return to its lofty 2014 heights.